Iowa Lakes Women Soccer battles for a 1-1-1 record.

Sophomore's Maddy Duncan and Tessa Calabria celebrating after a goal.
Sophomore's Maddy Duncan and Tessa Calabria celebrating after a goal.

 This weekend the Lakers took on Indian Hills Community College and Dodge City Community College in Ottumwa Iowa. On Friday, the match between Indian Hills Warriors and Iowa Lakes Lakers proved that the Lakers can compete with top competition ending with a 2-2 tie into overtime. The match between Dodge City CC and Iowa Lakes ended with a 2-1 loss.


Friday, the Lakers faced Indian Hills CC ending with a 2-2 draw.


To start the game, each team battled hard to find the back of the net but it would be Tessa Calabria who would notch the first goal with 8 minutes left in the first half. Off a tackle in the box, Tessa was awarded a penalty kick, resulting in a one on one shot with the keeper. The half ended 1-0, Lakers up.


In the first half the Lakers had 5 shots on goal, 1 from freshman Mayra Piedrahita, 2 from sophomore Maddy Duncan, and 1 from sophomore Jordyn Howell. Keeper Adelle Brown was a huge asset in the game, she recorded 10 saves in the first half to keep the Lakers up.


In the second half, the warriors notched a goal with 22 minutes left to play but 2 minutes later the Lakers answered back with a goal from Maddy.


The Warriors would score one more with 19 minutes to play to tie the game. The game went into double overtime with golden goal, but remained scoreless resulting in a tie for both teams.


Shots in the second half came from sophomores Celeste Diaz, Tessa, Ana Lima, Maddy, Jordyn and freshman Joanna Medina. Adelle ended the second half with 21 saves.

"This weekend provided a good test for the entire squad. In the first game our best player was our keeper, Adelle. She made unbelievable saves throughout the game, but was very clutch at the end of the game against Indian Hills. Indian Hills was a very tough squad, very organized with lots of talent. The ladies played outstanding. We were very organized. I was very proud of the way they played," Viedenkamp said.



Saturday, the Lakers faced Dodge City CC and ended the match with a 2-1 loss.


In the first half the Lakers fell short and allowed a late goal with 4 minutes left of the half. Going into the second half, they were determined to play. The equalizer came from Maddy as she took advantage of a mistake from Dodge City's defense. Dodge City would soon secure their lead with a goal 4 minutes later. The Lakers could not tie the score but they continued to fight hard till the end.


In the first half, shots came from freshman Dah Dah and sophomore's Celeste, Tessa, Ana, Maddy, and Kylie Wellard.


In the second half shots came from freshman Joanna and sophomore's Tessa, Ana, and Maddy. Keeper Adelle ended the first half with 8 saves and ended the second half with 4 saves.


"Two games in two days was a tough challenge for our squad. This early in the season we aren't quite where we should be fitness wise. Dodge City had a few good players, and their team was organized. Credit to them, they were the better team on the day. Lots to learn, and looking forward to Iowa Central this coming Wednesday," Viedenkamp said.


The Lakers take on Iowa Central on Wednesday September 6 at 4:00 PM home in Spencer, IA.