Results vs Iowa Western

Results vs Iowa Western



 It was a chilly 48 degrees, not ideal shooting conditions, but Ethan Collins shot a 97x100 to earn his second collegiate medal. The women are improving every week, with RaeAnn Krull and Tiegen Huntley earning their first collegiate medals and Kylee McGurk just one target out of 3rd place.   

Here are the results of the dual meet between Iowa Lakes and Iowa Western at the Palo Alto Gun Club on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018.

Men's 16 yard medal winners:


1st. Weston Zolek          99x100  Iowa Western

2nd Ethan Collins           97x100  Iowa Lakes CC

3rd  Jacob Rupport        96x100  Iowa Western ( won shootoff over Jaron Springer 24 to 23


Women's 16 yard medal winners: 


1st  RaeAnn Krull            84x100  Iowa Lakes CC

2nd Teigen Huntley        80x100  Iowa Lakes CC

3rd  Shelby Alff                71x100  Iowa Western


Team event:

Iowa Western  471x500  Weston Zolck 99, Jacob Ruppert 96, Jaron Springer 96, Bailey Schmitz 90, and Lucas Schmitz, 90.  


Iowa Lakes CC  449x500 Ethan Collins 97, Thomas Kotewa 95, Sean Greiner 87, Thomas Crocoll 86 and RaeAnn Krull 84