Laker Women's Basketball Inks Safiyer Coleman

Laker Women's Basketball Inks Safiyer Coleman

Iowa Lakes Community College Head Women's Basketball Coach Ashley Martin announced the signing of Safiyer Coleman, a 5'10" forward from Lakewood, Co.

"It is great to keep our Lakewood, Co connection going with adding Sassy. I am excited to coach Sassy and for her to join the women's basketball family. She will be a great addition. Sassy will give us a nice presence on the block. She will run the floor and create a lot of havoc for defenses," said Coach Martin.

Sassy will graduate in May from Lakewood High School in Colorado. Sassy averaged 6.6 points per game and averaged 4.8 rebounds. Sassy earned two most valuable attitude awards, as well as two participant awards in helping unified. Sassy also received academic honors throughout her time at Lakewood High School. 

 "Sassy is very special to me, and to Lakewood," commented Safiyer's High School Coach, Chris Poisson. "She leaves behind a legacy for all who come to our school in the future to strive for.  Sassy is the embodiment of the notion that our togetherness is the strength of our team. Early in her career at Lakewood she had to learn that her strength as a player, when she is her best, is outside her comfort zone.  This meant developing a work ethic she did not have, but over her career she has not only developed a strong work ethic, a desire to get better each and every day, she has coupled it with a competitive drive that dictates her persona."

"I chose Iowa Lakes so that I can challenge myself to new experiences, being far from home," said Safiyer Coleman. "Most importantly it was to continue to play the sport that I love, basketball, and Iowa seemed like the perfect fit for a new family."

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MEDIA: For more information, please contact Head Women's Basketball Coach Ashley Martin at (712) 362-7928 or the Iowa Lakes sports information office at (712) 362-7928.